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We specialise in projects to restore the former glory of period and older buildings in London

Restoring your classic property to its former glory is a careful and skilled job requiring a high attention to detail and professional level of workmanship. It’s these qualities that inspire us at Capital Extensions to engage in restoring the former glory of your property to preserve its history and unique aesthetic.

We strive to restore every element of your properties original décor where possible, replacing element only when necessary and still preserving the original look and purpose of rooms and features thereby maintaining your properties ties with its past, and a sense of continuity with it’s history, this will greatly improve the value of your property, both financially and aesthetically.

The London area is teaming with homes that have a historical significance and a strong visual identity, some of which require the attention that a restoration gives, turning an overlooked property into a home, or a financially lucrative investment.

If you’d like to talk to us about starting your restoration project get in contact for a free survey and quotation.